Ardbeg – The Shortie Smoky Porter

Dark and malty with subtle tropical aromas, THE SHORTIE is a well-digging, mouth-watering Smoky Porter – expertly crafted using the same malt we use to create our whisky. Toasted and smoky, we fired our malt over to Williams Bros. where it was mashed, brewed and canned. 6.2% ABV.

tasting notes


Dark peat bog brown.


On the nose, Ardbeg’s distinctive peat gives rise to more oily notes intermingled with sour cherries, rich coal tar and pine. Ardbeg’s malt then begins to reveal itself, with aromas of toasted nuts and sweet lemon and lime.


On the palate, this smoky porter boasts a typically creamy texture, with bitter dark chocolate, malty biscuit, dry espresso coffee and a hint of liquorice.


In a finish that lingers long beyond the can, delicious and distinctively smoky notes guide the palate towards the bitter end.



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