Ardbeg Day 2021

Fantasy Island Map

Greetings, Ardbeggian! Welcome to Ardbeg Day 2021's fantasy island map of Islay

Navigate your way through fantasy inns, great feasts, and witches’ lairs, or take a dragon’s eye view tour through our latest venture – the new Stillhouse. Simply click where you want to travel to, pour yourself an Ardbeg, and enjoy uncovering the myth behind this year’s malt – Ardbeg Scorch.


Dragon tales

No Ardbeg Day would be complete without a few yarns. Enter into our witch’s lair as Jackie recites some of Islay’s oldest stories… along with a slightly newer tale in the heroic legend of the dog and the dragon.


The feast master

Fill up your flagons and fetch your forks, the Feast Master, aka DJ BBQ, is hitting the pit to put on the smokiest spread in all the land!



Experience a dragon’s eye view of our new stillhouse as Colin Gordon, our Distillery Manager, takes us on a trip to lift the lid on our latest project.


chairman's study live

Join Sir Colin Gordon, our Distillery Manager, as he suits up to sip on some of Ardbeg’s rarest drams. He’ll be going live from 5pm (BST), so make sure you’re back here in good time!


the dog & dragon Inn

Discover what alchemy our mixology master/innkeeper, Cameron George, has in store at The Dog & Dragon Inn.



Hosted live from the belly of the beast in the Whisky Wizard’s Tower, Dr Bill will be performing a live tasting of Ardbeg Scorch. Tune in at 7pm (BST) sharp to watch as he ruminates over this fire breathing beast of a dram…


Ardbeg Days are always better when you’re part of the Committee. If you’re already in the Committee, don’t forget that fellow travellers are welcome too. Remember to invite any other worthy companions to join and share our sign up page with your friends, so you can enjoy the day’s events as a merry gang of virtual adventurers.

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For many moons, Islay folk have told tales of heroes and dragons. Yet none match the tail of Ardbeg’s definitely-real-and-totally-not-made-up flavour breathing dragon... Dwelling in Dunnage 3, scorching staves and burning barrels, they say Ardbeg Scorch is the product of its fiery temperament.

Fragrant patchouli interlaces with bold notes of quenched steel and saddle soap. Billowy clouds of sweet smoke and charred oak permeate the palate, as briarwood, sage and pine wisp their way to the fore.

Will you get your claws on a bottle… and live to tell the tale? Learn more about the lairs of flavour in Ardbeg Scorch here.


the ardbeg
scorch scrolls

Download the Ardbeg Scorch Scrolls. An ancient text, highly revered and totally printer safe, it’ll help you navigate the treacherous, but exhilarating, event that is Ardbeg Day 2021.

So leaf through Islay tales of yore, try your hand at dragon origami, or conjure up a cocktail and toast to the fiery might of Ardbeg’s flavour breathing dragon.

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